Free download for friends in Iran: For all of our dear friends who reside in Iran, we've made all the tracks available as Free Download. If you're not in Iran and try to download, you'll be redirected to CD Baby where you can purchase the album.

Our debut album "Bord o Baakht" is now available for purchase: Eendo's first album "Bord o Baakht" is finally available on CDbaby, iTunes and other outlets. Make sure to check it out with your ears wide open and your eyes shut, and if you dig, tell your friends (and foes) about it and spread the word.

Music video for "Eshgh e Aasemaani" is now released: After over a year of waiting (with the finished product in hand!!), we're finally releasing our first official music video created by Afshean Hessam (Apparat Production). Please rate it and forward it to everyone you know. Merci in advance.

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